Are you ready to give up?

Genesis 21:1 has got to be one of my favorite verses.

It’s a theme repeated over and over throughout the entire Bible.

If you’re waiting for an answer to prayer and you’re discouraged with how long it’s taking, don’t give up hope. Take the lifeline of Genesis 21:1 for your faith. Let this be CPR to your soul.

Maybe you can’t even remember how long ago you prayed for something and you’re about ready to wave the white flag because your faith is buried in an avalanche of thoughts – “Why hasn’t it happened yet? Will it ever happen? Maybe I’m doing something wrong. What’s taking sooooo long?”

I’m sure Abraham and Sarah had those thoughts a time or two in their 25-year journey of faith. If you don’t believe me, just read Genesis 12-21 and you’ll see it too.

They waited and they waited and they waited. Twenty-five years they waited. And then, Genesis 21:1 happened.

The Lord kept his word and did for Sarah exactly what he had promised. (Genesis 21:1)

Hope means to expect God to move. Hope fuels faith, and faith releases God’s promises in our lives.

Time is the enemy of faith. And the thing about God is He’s not confined by time like we are. He’s sitting in eternity where past, present, and future are all past tense to Him.

He’s pretty chill about it because He already sees how it’s going to happen and He knows the exact moment in time faith will become sight in our lives. To Him, it already has happened.

Trusting God means trusting His timing.

Don’t let go of your faith. Don’t stop expecting God to move. Keep your hope anchored right where it needs to be, on the faithfulness of the One who keeps every promise forever. (Psalm 146:6)

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He cannot change. He will not change. He will always be faithful. He will always keep His Word.

If you’ll hold on to Him, you’ll experience your own Genesis 21:1 in your life.

The Lord kept His Word and did for Toni exactly what He promised.

And did for Anne….

And did for Trish

And did for Airica

And did for Tom and Alex and John and Allison.

The Lord kept His Word and did for YOU exactly what He promised.

Remember His faithfulness today. Feed on it. Say it out loud and let it energize your faith. “The Lord keeps His Word and is doing for ME exactly what He promised. It will come to pass.”

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