Why can’t you just be still?

Can’t you just be still?

It’s a question every parent asks their child at least once, and of course the answer is no.

But it’s a question I think God asks of us over and over and over.

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

Busy is an evil dictator. We hit the ground running at early o’clock in the morning. Then all day long we find ourselves going here, there and everywhere, phone in hand, music playing, podcast going, talking to someone…anyone, but rarely are we just still.

We pride ourselves in our ability to multi-task. We treat busy like it’s an accomplishment to be achieved with great success. The busier we are the bigger the trophy we get, and we display it all over social media!

We even compare our level of busyness with everyone else’s. “You did 5 things today? Oh, it’s on. I’ll do 10!”

The more we do, the more we CAN do until we’re stretched so thin we’re hanging on by a thread. I have the ability to eat WAY more food than I actually do. But just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. It’s not healthy.

This place of pandemonium in which we live is detrimental and actually pulls us away from what matters most.

The definition of busy is actively engaged. That doesn’t sound so bad. Right? But it can also mean not at leisure. Not accessible. Or there’s my favorite – cluttered with small, unharmonious details. That sounds like the exact opposite of what our souls crave. Peace.

Some of our busyness is legitimate. We can’t just skip work and bask in His presence all day, right? We need groceries and our kids need to get places. But could it be that the majority of the mayhem in our lives is self-imposed, unnecessary clutter?

Did you know the average person checks their phone 89 times a day. Let that sink in…89 times per day! Are you above average? Am I? Oh, help it Lord!

We use the TV for company when all along He’s standing there saying, “But I want to visit with you for a while. Isn’t my voice better than HGTV? Talk to Me while you do those dishes. I’m right here while you’re cleaning the house. I’m with you in the car. I can entertain your soul far better than any screen and I refresh you at the same time.”

We’re uncomfortable with quiet, but we miss out on so much this way. Yes, He can get our attention over the cacophony of our noisy lives. His voice is louder than a thousand waves crashing together.

But secrets aren’t shared in a thundering voice. Intimacy is found in the whisper. There is rest and recovery of strength in the blissful quiet stillness of His presence.

Let’s ask ourselves today, “Why can’t I just sit still? How much is required and how much is self-imposed?”

He’s waiting to share His secrets with us. All we have to do is turn aside and be still.


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