I wonder how many times…

So, I woke up a little discouraged this morning. Thinking about Abraham again. Thinking about Genesis 15 again, where God came to him and gave him an amazing promise. Again.

It had been years since God first spoke to him.

“Go. Leave your home and family and everything you’ve ever known and go somewhere else. I’m not telling you where until you go. And I’m going to give you a family. A great big one. Bigger than you can imagine or count. But you have to go first. You have to take that step of faith first. Then I’ll tell you more.”

And he did. Immediately. Without questioning, Abraham left and began the journey.

Then fast forward 10’ish years to Genesis 15. Still no land. Still no home. Still no baby.

And God comes to him again and they have this amazing conversation:

God: I’m your shield. Your exceeding great reward. I’m all you need. Don’t be afraid.

Abraham: Really, God? I did what you said. I left everything. I came all the way here and I don’t own so much as a blade of grass. And I still don’t have a baby. A son. I don’t have an heir let alone a family so big you can’t count them all. I don’t understand.

God (takes him by the hand and leads him outside and points to the sky): Take a deep breath, my friend, and look at all those stars. You’re worried about A baby? AN heir? Think bigger. Dream bigger. Just like you can’t even begin to count those stars, you won’t be able to count all the people in your family. I live in eternity. I’ve already seen it.

I know you don’t understand, but I’ve got a plan. Hang tight. You’re just going to have to trust Me. Even when it’s hard. Even when everything looks opposite of what I’ve said.

And when faith gets weak and things get tough and you get discouraged, go outside and look at the stars…..and remember. Remember what I’ve said. Hold on to Me. Trust Me.

I woke up this morning wondering. How many times did Abraham have to do that? How many trips outside did he take? How many nights did he spend stargazing when month after month after month there was still no baby? Still no answer?

And I came out on my porch and wrapped myself in a blanket and did some stargazing of my own – remembering the promises He made years ago that still haven’t come to pass. Remembering the promises that are still just that – promises. They haven’t been made sight yet.

And my heart was encouraged as I looked at the stars. As I remembered Him.

God is faithful. Even when time marches on and we don’t see the answer. Even when we don’t understand.

God is faithful. And He is working.

What are you holding on to? What are you waiting for? Let me encourage you today….do as much stargazing as you need to but don’t let go of hope. Don’t let go of trust. Don’t let go of Him.

He is faithful.

You can listen to Look at the Stars here. Be encouraged….

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