And the one after that

Today is Monday, but it’s not just any Monday. My kids are off school, my husband is working on the car before heading in to the church, and I’m back at work myself (just taking a little writing break in between tasks).

It’s not just any Monday. It’s the Monday after Easter. And Easter is a big deal in church-dom. More people attend Easter service than almost any other service all year.

We plan events around it for the kids. We talk about it for weeks and months. We spend hours and hours prepping and praying for the services. We encourage our people to bring people. And then we encourage them again. And again. And again.

And we have special music. Shorten the announcements. Make the message count. This is your shot!


I know. It’s the service where we on purpose celebrate and look at and talk about and focus on the fact that Jesus rose from the dead.

I’m so glad He did. Don’t get me wrong. And I’m so glad we emphasize it on Easter.


But what about the next service? And the one after that? Aren’t they just as important? Don’t they deserve just as much attention as Easter? As much prayer? As much encouragement to bring someone?

What about today? The day after Easter? I saw so many posts yesterday about Jesus and how He arose, but not a single one today. Not one.

I’m so glad that the resurrection power of God is available to me today, the day after Easter. Because I need it. I need healing. Provision. Deliverance. The power to overcome. To have joy in the midst of pain and peace during the storm.

And there are people in my life and in yours that need that resurrection power, too. Today. The day after Easter. And I’m going to tell them about it.

His resurrection made all the difference in my life. In His birth and His life and His death, He identified with me. He became like me so He could take my place and pay the price for my sin.

But in His resurrection, He made me like Him. He gave me that same power and authority that He walked in so I could be like Him. A conqueror. An overcomer. One in whom the power of God can reside and flow.

There’s power in the telling, and there’s someone around you that needs to hear how His resurrection changed your life. Today. They need to hear how it can change theirs too.

Don’t stop telling or inviting or emphasizing or sharing the resurrection just because Easter is over for another year. There’s another service next week. And the one after that.

So go and tell and pray and invite. Someone around you needs Him today.

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