Prayer Life – Contend (Part 5) Podcast

I was so excited to get to continue the Prayer Life series last night. We are in part 5 and we dealt with the subject of contending.

There are times we pray and that prayer is answered immediately. We see an immediate difference in our physical symptoms. Pain is immediately gone. A need is quickly met.

But there are those times when we pray. We pray the Word. We pray in line with what God said…what He promised. And it doesn’t happen immediately. It doesn’t happen quickly. It doesn’t happen slowly. It may even seem like it’s never going to happen.

That’s when contending comes in. It’s what we do between asking and receiving.

Contend means to assert something as a position in an argument. To defend a belief or keep affirming it is true.

My definition is – looking away from anything opposite of His Word and focusing on what He said. Focusing on His truth. And agreeing with it. Until faith is made sight.

Take a listen and hear why we need to contend. When we need to contend. What that looks like played out in the lives of Daniel and Elijah and even in our own lives.

(And don’t worry…I know it says it’s 59 minutes long….that we left time at the end for corporate prayer, and that’s all on there too. Whew.)


(Click here for the power point.)

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