What? What? Why?

Prayer is one of my favorite subjects, and I was excited to get to teach a two-part miniseries on prayer a couple weeks ago at my home church. Some of you have asked me to post it, so here you go!

What? What? Why? (Part 1)

This is the title of the first message. It answers these questions:

What is prayer?

What does it look like?

Why in the world do I need to pray?

I pray this message inspires your faith and gets you stirred up about prayer like it did me.

When it Doesn’t Look Like God is Moving (Part 2)

This is the second message. (Get it – thus the part 2) 🙂

I’m sure we’ve all had times when we’ve prayed for things and don’t see anything happening. This message is a look at some examples from the Word that will hopefully encourage us to stand strong in faith and hope and show us what to do when it doesn’t look like He’s moving at all.

I pray these messages inspire and encourage you like they have done me 🙂



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  1. OMGOSH, Toni these 2 messages have touched the very core of my being. I pray you continue teaching on prayer & you post them. Thank you

    1. I’m so glad they brought life 🙂 Keep praying for me. I’ll keep teaching as long as there’s an open door 🙂

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