Do Not Be Disturbed

I’m a bit behind in reading my daily Bible. Okay, a LOT behind. I may or may not be on September 21st. But in my defense, I’ll get to reading, something stands out to me, I start to study it out, and before you know it, I have to get ready for work or something. And then I get even farther behind. So, as I was reading on September 21st today, I got 6 verses into it and the phrase “do not be disturbed” stood out to me. So, I stopped. Again. And I never got off September 21st. But I did get very encouraged. And it ended up being JUST what I needed today when…

No Peeking!

Have you ever given someone a surprise gift and had them cover their eyes so they didn’t look before just the right time? NO PEEKING!!! Or have you ever gotten a package in the mail before Christmas marked, “Do not open until December 25th,” and you really wanted to look? NO PEEKING!!! And the temptation to look, to peek, to unwrap it before Christmas is almost unbearable?

Okay, how many of you would peek? Open it early? How many of you unwrapped your presents early as a kid in secret and wrapped them back up so you wouldn’t have to wait until Christmas to find out what it was? (I personally prefer to wait, but I know people who would totally peek early.)