Who needs a change of scenery?

Well….it’s definitely winter here in the Northeast already. It’s a tad bit early. There are leaves on my trees and snow on the ground, and oh yea. We set a new record low temp today. Usually, it’s January or February before I start dreaming about going to Hawaii. What’s not to love about getting on a plane in -10 degree temps and getting off a plane to a balmy 80 degrees in paradise? I’ve done it before, and believe you me, there’s nothing quite like it. Being able to thaw out in that change of scenery will energize me and give me just the boost I need to make it through the next couple months (or in this case the next 6 months) of cold. But this year, I’m dreaming about it early. I could really use that change of scenery now, and it’s only been cold and snowy for a week. I could really use a change of scenery from the cold and snow and stress and chaos and busy-ness of life. Who’s with me?