Let’s get a little crazy!

I have done some crazy things in my time. You might not think they are super crazy….I’m not much of a thrill seeker…but I thought they were death-defying feats at the time. Then I met my husband, who is a thrill seeker (shark dives and bungee jumping), and my crazy feats…well…not so much. Check out how living a little crazy can affect your miracle….

Jump in! The water is great!

At the community pool we belong to, they have what is called adult swim. It’s fabulous….for the adults. When they make the announcement for the kids to get back in, it’s a mad dash for the pool. They aren’t supposed to run, but well…ya know….it’s kids, and it’s a pool! You do the math. I imagine the scene to be similar at the pool of Bethesda when the water started to bubble….

If you say so!

“If you say so!” Have you ever said that to anyone? What it really means is, “Ummm, I”m thinking this isn’t going to work, but I’m game to try it anyway just to show you how crazy you are, and then we can do it my way.” When Jesus told Simon Peter to let down his nets in the same place he had caught NOTHING all night, he thought Jesus was crazy….But he said, “If you say so”….and he saw a miracle!

Weddings, wine, and the first miracle…

Mothers can get their kids to do lots of things. They might not like it, but they do it anyway. Most of the time my kiddos do what’s asked of them without complaining. But they are coming into those teenage years, and I have seen an eye roll or two lately. I love this miracle. This is the first miracle that Jesus ever performed. He turned water into wine. And secretly, I love that it was His mama that brought it up.