Your nothing is better than everybody else’s something!

Have you ever been facing something huge in your life? Debt? Sickness? Depression? Family problems? And then ever have anyone tell you what you should do about it? It worked for them, so you have to do it too, right? There are a lot of things I would consider “giants” in life, and we have faced quite a few in our day. You look at it and think….I got nothing! What i have is nothing compared to what would fix it. Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt and wore it for a while. Not fun!

A whole lot of nothing….

Don’t you hate it when you go to get something from the cupboard you know you have, but you don’t really have it….it’s gone? (In my house, I just find an empty cereal box in the cupboard…why would you throw it away?) Or when you need to pay a bill, and the checkbook is empty? Or you get in the car and the tank is empty? What do you do when there’s a whole lot of nothing?