Hold that line!

I love football. I’m not even sure why, but I love to watch it. I especially like the close games. The games where they have to fight tooth and nail for every inch, every yard, every touchdown.

There are times when the offense will take a few yards, and then the defense comes and takes it right back. In a good game, it’s always a fight for the offense to take yards and keep them and make their way down the field to score. And the biggest cry from the crowd is, “HOLD THAT LINE.” We have a line to hold…

totes mcgoats amazing!

I love to be outside. Maybe it’s because our house is so small and the outside is so big, but I just love to be out there. I’d rather go for a walk than exercise in the house. I love sitting out by a campfire and looking up into a clear, starry sky. I imagine what it was like when God told Abraham to try to count the stars. I dream about the wise men following the star to Jesus. I like to imagine what it was like when God spoke into the vastness of nothingness and stars formed. And I like to think that God is totes mcgoats amazing!

It’s a nail biter….

As I sit here trying to write this post, the Bama vs. Oklahoma game is on the TV. Half the room here is for Bama and half is for Oklahoma. One person is singing the theme song for Oklahoma the musical and one is singing Sweet Home Alabama. It’s actually kind of funny. Me, I’m just enjoying good football. We are 45 seconds from the half, and it’s hard to tell who is going to end up winning this game. The potential is there for it to go either way. It’s quite the nail biter…

Potential OR Realization…you pick!

All these years we have avoided the fundraisers at school. You know the ones…you have to sell things…er, I mean your KIDS have to sell things. This year, however, my daughter REALLY wanted to do it. If you sold so many items, your name would be entered into a drawing to win $150. She was saving for something, and the thought of winning that money sounded great to her. I tried to talk her out of it (I know…bad mom award) and told her that although the potential was there for her to win IF she sold enough items, she still may not win it. It’s a drawing after all. Well, wouldn’t you know it? She sold just enough items AND lo and behold, she won the money. (Now we will have to sell every year. Lucky me!) LOL! But potential turned to reality for her.

Newlyweds vs. long-time love

Have you ever been around newlyweds or someone just engaged? It’s sweet, isn’t it? They are just all “ga-ga” over each other. They spend every waking moment thinking of each other and talking about each other. They are “in love” and they don’t even have to work at it. That feeling is so strong and all-consuming you can hardly imagine it dying, but anyone who has been married longer than a few years can tell you it can. And when I write advice in their little Advice Book at their shower, I tell them all – STAY CONNECTED! In essence, that is what Jude is warning the church to do here so that newlywed love can turn into long-time love….