Do Not Be Disturbed

I’m a bit behind in reading my daily Bible. Okay, a LOT behind. I may or may not be on September 21st. But in my defense, I’ll get to reading, something stands out to me, I start to study it out, and before you know it, I have to get ready for work or something. And then I get even farther behind. So, as I was reading on September 21st today, I got 6 verses into it and the phrase “do not be disturbed” stood out to me. So, I stopped. Again. And I never got off September 21st. But I did get very encouraged. And it ended up being JUST what I needed today when…

What am I forgetting?

Have you ever forgotten something? I mean something really important? Like, you know, your kids? My oldest son ran track last year for the first time, and his practice got done right around the time my youngest got off the bus. So in all the chaos and distraction of Alli getting off the bus, I forgot Alex. A lot. To the point that I think his coach put my number on speed dial so it didn’t take as much time to dial me and tell me to come get him so the coach could go home. And that’s not the only time I forgot to pick them up. In fact, it got to the point that I had to enter alarms into my phone to remind me when to leave when school or track or football was over. (Bad mom award, I know.)