The Day After

It’s the day after Christmas, and my house is still. Everyone’s sleeping but me and my dog. And I’m sitting here by the twinkle lights of my tree just thinking about the past couple of months and how it’s all over. After months of planning. After weeks of shopping and searching for just the right gifts. After hours and hours and hours of baking and wrapping and plotting and planning….we’ve opened the gifts and eaten the food and goodies. We laughed and joked and cried and laughed again. And now….it’s the day after. It’s over. But is it?

Do you know what today is?

I’m sitting in my new comfy chair under blankets with my tea watching the first real snowfall of the year with my dog curled up next to me….and remembering. Today is a special day. For me anyway. Most people won’t think today is any different than yesterday or tomorrow. And if my husband were sitting here with me right now, and I asked him, “Do you know what today is?”, he would likely say, “Ummm…Monday???” Today is not a memorable day for most people. But it is for me. No…it’s not an anniversary or birthday or kids’ birthday or dog’s birthday. Nothing like that. But today is still very special to me. Today is…….

Where am I going?

I love a good vacation. A nice road trip. Pack up the car. Start singing some of those traveling songs…a little John Denver. A little Willie Nelson. Take me home country road or on the road again. (You know you’re singing them in your head. You’re welcome!) Now, I’m a planner. When I take a trip, I like to have it mapped out. I have a destination in mind. I make a plan. We plug the address into our GPS and follow those directions. (I don’t like her to yell at me, “Recalculating!”) We pack our clothes and food for the car and the kids pack their car bags with books and iPods and chargers and everything they’ll need while we travel. I don’t even mind stopping along the way to hit the outlets or the Bass Pro Shop or whatever we see because at the end of the day, I know where we will end up. At the destination. It’s in the GPS. I don’t have to wonder where we’re going. I can see it right on the map. Now, you can’t plan for everything, and sometimes there are detours, but at the end of the day, our GPS will get us there! I know I’m not the only planner out there. Who can relate? I wonder if Joseph could…..