A whole lot of nothing….

Don’t you hate it when you go to get something from the cupboard you know you have, but you don’t really have it….it’s gone? (In my house, I just find an empty cereal box in the cupboard…why would you throw it away?) Or when you need to pay a bill, and the checkbook is empty? Or you get in the car and the tank is empty? What do you do when there’s a whole lot of nothing?

Life is about choices….Remove your slippahs OR scrub the floor!

I live in a small house. A very small house. With 5 people. It wasn’t so bad when the kids were little, but now that they are teens, it seems smaller and smaller. When we have company over, we have to eat in shifts. I was discontent with my kitchen for sure….but my sweet husband got a different perspective…and it changed everything.


I had BIG PLANS when I graduated Bible School of amazing things I wanted to do for God. Then I met my husband, and things changed a bit….but we still had BIG PLANS. We also had a 5-year plan – you know? Wait 5 years to have any babies. Anyone else ever have one of those? How did that work for you? Ours, not so much…