Put these two things on your list

Recently at work we had a webinar, and we talked about ways to better manage our client’s calendar. Color coding. Blocking time. Then there was the debate about things that belong on the calendar and things that don’t. One person wanted everything on their calendar from meetings and appointments to their devotion time and brushing their teeth. (Not quite, but close.) And since this is the time of year we usually organize our lives, make new lists, set new goals, I thought I’d give you a couple things to add to your list. Make sure they’re on your calendar…..

It’s a control thing!

Have you ever wanted something really bad? So bad you could taste it? I remember trying out for Cheerleading for the 8th grade and waiting for the call to see if I made the squad….and I didn’t. Then trying out for 9th grade and not making it. Then trying out for 10th grade….and finally – I made the squad. Each year when I tried out and didn’t make it, I got so discouraged and then determined to keep practicing and keep trying out in hope that I would eventually make it. It took 3 years, but it finally happened. Waiting is no fun…