What’s wrong with the old you?

The earth made a full orbit around the sun. Three hundred and sixty five days have come and gone, and we usually take that as our cue to analyze our lives and make a change checklist.

And the advertising moguls jump all over it and tell us we need a “whole new me.”

Change your hair. Dress better. Start that whole 30 eating plan again. My sweatpants may say, “It’s okay. Eat the chocolate.” But my jeans are telling me, “My goodness girl, how about a salad!”

New carpet? New furniture? A new car perhaps…

Fast and pray – it’s January! Start that Bible reading program afresh in Genesis 1.

Just curious…why doesn’t anyone promote a week of fasting and prayer in July?

When the calendar changes from December to January, we look in the mirror and see everything we don’t like. We see all of our imperfections and say, “Yuck! Time for a makeover. Can’t I just start all over?”

New Year – New You! That’s the mantra, isn’t it?

But I beg to differ. What’s wrong with the old you?

If you’re born again, you don’t need a whole new you. If you’re washed in the blood of the lamb, the you that walked out of 2017 and into 2018 is just fine!

Habits may need to change. Eating healthier is probably a good idea. Praying more and worrying less is always in fashion. We may strive to become more Christ-like…

We may want to change some of the things we DO, but don’t buy the lie you need a whole new you. What you do and who you are…..two totally separate things!

We’ve been washed by the blood and made a new creation in Christ Jesus. No matter how many January 1sts roll around, we’ll never be any more NEW than we already are.

God looks at us and says, “I love you. Can’t you see how lovely you are?”

Our imperfections have been washed away and He sees nothing but the beautiful blood of Christ.

You are so very loved. No matter what you do, even on your worst day, He still calls you beloved.

Do some of the things we do need to change? Probably. But you don’t need a whole new you. I don’t need a whole new me.

You already are the new you!

We just need to see ourselves the way He sees us. Perfectly forgiven. Washed in the blood.  Flooded with peace. Filled with His power. Able to overcome.

Let’s do it. Let’s choose to see what He sees. Choose to look in the mirror past all of the flaws and see ourselves as fearfully and wonderfully made. A masterpiece of beauty and grace. Completely loved. Valuable. Priceless. Created in His image and filled with destiny and purpose.

What do you see? I’d love to hear it….

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