Do you feel invisible?

Do you feel invisible? Forgotten? Like an airplane in a holding pattern, flying around and around an airport, waiting for its turn to land? It’s moving but it’s not really going anywhere.

Do you have God dreams in your heart you can’t wait to accomplish and yet nothing is happening?

Is everyone else around you “living the dream” but there you sit, living day-to-day life but not really going anywhere?

Let me encourage you today. You aren’t invisible. God hasn’t forgotten you.

Like a seed is hidden in the ground before it becomes a full-grown, fruit-bearing plant, God has hidden you for His purpose.

Hidden years are not wasted years, and quiet seasons are not purposeless seasons. They are when God is pouring into you and taking things out of you and preparing you for the time the door opens and you begin “living the dream.”

Joseph spent 15+ years in a pit and as a slave and in prison, hidden. Moses spent 40 years hidden in the desert, seemingly doing nothing related to being a deliverer. Paul was “off the grid” for 13 years before he began his powerful public ministry.

Jesus spent 30 years preparing for His purpose. Preparing to walk out what He left heaven to do….reveal the Father to us and take our place on the cross.

I remember a season I felt particularly forgotten with so many dreams and no open doors. It was discouraging. I totally related to Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”

My dream was deferred and my heart was sick. What was taking so long? Was I doing something wrong?

I was standing in my kitchen, making pork chops, and one of my kids needed correction. I couldn’t stop what I was doing, so I made them sit in the chair until I was finished so they had my undivided attention.

As I was standing at the stove with my child waiting impatiently at the table, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Does your child waiting have anything to do with your child?”

I thought about it and said, “No.” They were waiting because I was working.

And He said to me, “Neither does your waiting have anything to do with you. Trust Me. I have a plan, and I’m working it out, and you’re going to love it.”

Don’t let go of your hope while you wait. Proverbs says HOPE deferred makes the heart sick…not DREAMS deferred. We may not be in control of when God moves in our lives, but we are in FULL control of our hope. Of our trust. Of our joy. And we can rejoice while we wait.

Do you feel invisible? Well, feelings lie. God has not forgotten you. He wants you living the dream more than you want to, but He wants you fully prepared. And you can’t shortcut preparation seasons. You’ll regret it later if you do.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re in a quiet and hidden time. Press into it with all you have. And rejoice while you wait. He’s preparing you for what He has prepared for you….and it will be amazing!

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  1. So good to be reminded of others who are in a preparation period. Your words are comforting and at the same time bring hope 🙂

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