Living for the Well Done (Podcasts)

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having an amazing day! We’re enjoying sunny 65 degree days in Ohio in February – so what’s not to love?

I was so honored to share at our church on a subject I’ve been studying for quite some time now – what does it look like to be a disciple of Christ. Can you be saved and not be a disciple? Is Jesus Savior only or is He also Lord? How do I make Him Lord? What is the goal of the Christian life?

We tackle these questions in lesson #1, What’s Your Goal? We look at what the word disciple means as well as some examples that Jesus left us to follow.

Once we know what it means to be a disciple, we need to look at our lives and ask, “What’s holding me back?” Mostly, it’s fear. In lesson #2, Is fear paralyzing you?, we look at the 4 main fears that try to stop us in our tracks and keep us from reaching our potential in Christ and how to overcome them.

I pray that these lessons minister life and hope and peace and grace to you. That they break of the stronghold of fear in your life, and help you run your race faster and stronger and better than before.



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