What if the Lord had not been on our side?

Have you ever seen It’s a Wonderful Life? If you’re like me, you’ve watched it a hundred times. And it never gets old.

George Bailey is feeling sorry for himself. So much is going wrong he starts thinking life would be better for everyone if he was never born.

The angel Clarence takes him on that very journey, and he gets to see the truly positive impact he’s had on everyone around him. It’s heart warming for sure.

This verse took me on a similar journey this morning.

What if the Lord had not been on our side?

(Psalm 124:1 nlt)

That’s an incredible thought. One that shook me just a bit. One that took me on a quick journey through my life in Him. One that showed me how much I’ve been taking for granted lately.

I’ve known Him so long, sometimes I forget what it was like before.

Before He rescued me. What was life like before He plucked us out of darkness? Out of the mirey clay as the psalmist puts it? What was our world like before He took us out of the kingdom of darkness and planted us firmly into the love of His dear Son?

Mine was utter chaos. On a path heading straight to scary places. Dark places.  Without hope. I’ve had hope so long sometimes I forget how depressing it was not to have it.

Before peace. What was life like before the Prince of Peace came to rest in our souls? I shudder to think.

Then there’s healing. I’m beyond grateful He took those stripes on His back to heal our bodies. He healed my daughter of a seizure disorder and she’s 8 years seizure free. He rescued my husband in April from certain death from a blood clot.

He’s so good!

What was life like before His provision? Before protection. And deliverance. Direction. Wisdom. Help. He never leaves. No matter what.

Let’s not forget the richness of the relationships He’s brought into our lives.

And the answered prayers.

The abiding sweetness of His presence that’s like honey to our hearts and souls and minds. The voice that whispers, “You are loved,” on the loneliest of nights.

Let’s take a moment and breathe in the fragrance of His goodness, knowing He’s working all things out for our good. Even those things that look damaging. Even when we don’t understand. He’s good. Always.

Once we’re overflowing with remembrance, let’s look around us with redemptive eyes at those who’ve yet to meet our sweet Jesus.

What we take for granted they desperately desire, even if they don’t know it. They just haven’t tasted the sweetness of Him yet.

So let’s give them a taste through our kindness. With our smile. With our selfless giving and undeniable love.

Let’s not keep to ourselves the gift of contagious joy unspeakable and full of glory. Or the patience He provides. The grace He’s so freely given or the mercies that are new every day.

We can introduce someone to Him without ever uttering a word.

Let someone cut in line. Be gracious to the slow cashier. Encourage the one beside you that looks down.

Can we bless the driver going slow in front of us? Bless and do not curse. Pray for those who are making us late in this season that’s supposed to be peace on earth and goodwill to man but seems to bring out the worst in us instead.

In every decision, every action, with every smile, let’s choose reveal Him through our lives to a world that doesn’t know they need Him. Let’s remember with purpose, stir our hearts with all He’s done for us, and give Him away.

After all – where would we be if the Lord had not been on our side?

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