And wait…

It’s peaceful. The lake in the fall.
The water is glass. One lonely boat making its way home.


The only sound the geese honking in the distance.
And the soft whisper of the leaves, floating, fluttering, falling from the trees.


No more vibrant colors, no more feast for the eyes.
Just a blanket of brown crunching beneath my feet.


Get ready for winter. It’s almost here.
The crickets chirp. A fish jumps. Then nothing.


The sun sets behind me leaving long shadows in front.
The moon is rising. Another day ending.


Clear night ahead. Soon diamonds will glisten on the inky-black sky.
His words ring through my heart, “Come with me and look at the stars.”


“I haven’t forgotten. I’m working still.
Even though you can’t see, do you trust Me?”


Hope renewed. Faith restored.
Rest is sweet. A sigh of relief.


The promise will soon be fulfilled in another day.
All you have to do is trust.
And wait…


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