It is finished!

It is finished.
Three words that contain the longing of
     all generations.
Contain death. Contain life.
     and hope
         and joy
               and pain.
His final words.


This cry released
from blood-stained lips.
     The end of His life.
          The beginning of mine.


The hopes and fears
of all the years was


His breath formed the very world He confined Himself to.
The sun and stars…
    His idea.
The oceans
        fit in His hand.


He created humanity…
we were formed from His dust.
    For family.
        For love.
He wanted us.


Then we fell. All was lost.
In a moment of time from
   the sin.
       The darkness.
            The shame.


Oh the pain!


Eternity confined Himself to time.
He walked. He lived.
     He healed.
He revealed
    the Father’s heart of love.
        Sinless love.


The plan was clear.
He had to choose
   to take my place.


“Let this cup pass!”
“Father, isn’t there any other way?”
    The agony.
          The choice.
                 Great drops of blood
dripped down His face.


Immortality hung between earth and sky
Upon that cross
      to die.


My sin the nails
    that held Him there.
Liquid love flowed from his veins.
     My life HIs goal.
          His death my prize.


He could have called.
They would have come.
To rescue Him.


But He chose silence.
He chose to die.
    I mattered more.
This is love defined:
    Not My will but Yours
        be done.


It is finished.
Three words where life was restored.
All that remains –
     for me to call Him
In grateful surrender.


Now I am His
and He is mine.

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