The Best Part of the Promise

I was reading back through my journals today to find something I had written for my teaching tonight, and I stumbled across this old entry. Standing in awe of Him today. Let this wash over you…

“I will always be your God.”

Comforting words as I read them this morning. He spoke them to Abraham, but He’s whispering them to my soul. Can you hear Him?

“I will always be your God.”

He’s not just God. He’s mine. What an awesome thought!

Stop striving – I’m here to help you. I will always be your God, and my yoke is easy and my burden light. Deep breaths. Relax. Let Me take it.

Learn the secret Jesus knew.



I am in the Father and the Father is in Me.

I don’t do the work. The Father in Me does the work.

I will always be your God.

And He whispers still, “I’ll love you when you don’t feel loved and help you when you’re overwhelmed. I’ll rescue you when you’re in over your head and lead you when you get lost. You’re never alone. I’m here. I’ll protect you and comfort you and strengthen you and refresh you. I will always be your God.”

Let that wash over you like the waves of the sea – over and over and over you.

Let it wash away the hurt and fear and shame and regret and exhaustion. Let it wash away any doubt until all that’s left is peace. And trust. And Him.

Where is He? I don’t feel Him?

But He’s there. Holding out His hand. Poised, like a tsunami, ready to pound the shore and unleash all it’s glorious might.

He wants to wash over you with all He is – with His power and strength and grace and love.

Always love.

Keep yourself in the impact zone and feel the surge of Him crashing over you.

I will always be your God.

Selah – that’s the best part of the promise.


The best part of the promise is that I know the One who spoke it. He is mine. Always.

All of me craves all of Him. I have Him, yet I want Him. I’m content but never fully satisfied.

Father, make us more and more aware of Your constant abiding presence. Wash over us today, Lord, with all You are.

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