Before You Compare…Look Around

Slow. Slower. Way Slower. Slower than a giant sea turtle crawling out of the ocean. That’s how I would describe each of the 4 miles I ran today – in that order.

When I started my run today, I thought I was doing great. My breathing felt good. My pace felt pretty quick (for me). I was actually feeling pretty good about myself. It was cold but I was out there getting healthy and fit. Yay, me!

Then….after I finished my first mile, my app told me my time and I was shocked. Discouraged. A little depressed even. Boy was I moving a lot slower than I thought.

Then I started thinking of all my running friends and their times that are WAY faster than mine, and I got even more depressed.

I should be able to go faster.

I should be getting better.

What am I doing wrong?

I stink at this. Why bother?

It’s so easy to fall down the slippery slope of comparison. One minute I felt great about myself, and the next minute, I was ready to quit. Why?

Nothing physically changed. I wasn’t actually running any slower after I found out my time than I was before. Nothing changed but my perspective.

Then I had this thought. Before you compare…look around.

Ummm….I already was looking around – at my expectation of myself. At my friends that run faster. That wasn’t helping.

But I knew that wasn’t really what He meant. I needed to look around and find a new perspective.

I caught myself sliding down the comparison slide at full speed and knew I needed to stop. So I just stopped my mind dead in its tracks. And I realized something.

  • I really don’t care how fast I’m going…until I compare myself to someone faster.
  • I don’t mind my size…until I am standing next to someone smaller.
  • I like my house…until I compare it to someone’s cleaner house with no clutter.
  • I really like my clothes…until I compare them to my pinterest closet.
  • I really like the season I’m in…until I compare it to the one I’m waiting for.

When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise. (2 Corinthians 10:12 NIV)

There’s a reason that the Bible says comparing is unwise. It takes you out of contentment and peace in an instant. And it really only ends one of two ways – pride or insecurities.

There will always be someone faster than me. And there will always be someone slower. Comparison won’t change my pace, or my size, or my closet, or my house, or my season.

So from now on before I compare, I’m going to look around for a new perspective.

I’m thankful that my foot is healed and I’m healthy and strong enough to get out there and move. And, I can get faster IF I want to and IF I work at it.

I’m thankful for a warm and dry house. It can totally be clutter-free IF I’ll keep up with it.

I’m thankful to have clothes in my closet. And I can build my pinterest closet in real life IF I want to.

I’m thankful for the season I’m in. I know there’s more….but I’m so glad I know Him. He’s with me. I’m on the right side of the grass, breathing in air and able to do something – anything – for Him.

I’m so blessed. How about you?

Lord, help us keep our eyes focused on the right things. And when we start sliding down the slippery slope of comparison, help us to look around and see just how blessed we are.

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