Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know about my husband, Mikel’s, new song Beauty in the Broken. It’s on the I Stand Amazed CD that is coming out in 10 short days.


There’s a studio version of the song on his website, www.mikellagaras.com. OR…there’s a video of raw footage from the studio that will leave you in tears. (trust me…have your kleenex ready.) You can watch it here Beauty in the Broken.

We’ve all been through times in life that left us feeling just a bit broken. Battered. Worse for the wear. I know I have. But God never left me there. He always took what was broken and shattered in my life and turned it into something beautiful that He could use for His glory.

And that’s what this song is all about.

And we’re asking for your help. It’s a challenge, actually. The #beautyinthebroken challenge. We are wanting to flood social media with videos of you and me and all of us sharing how God took what was once broken in our lives and made something absolutely beautiful out of it.

So this is what you do:

1. Record a quick video (on your phone is fine) and tell the world how God took a broken life and turned it into something beautiful. Be vulnerable. Be honest and let God’s strength shine in our weaknesses!
2. Upload your video to Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag ‪#‎beautyinthebroken‬ (post a link on Twitter if you’re really social media savvy 🙂 )
3. Send the videos to jordan@innovaterecords.com and we will combine them for a powerful mashup of your testimonies! It’s gonna be awesome!

Help us bring hope to people feeling broken by sharing with us how God turned your broken into something beautiful.

Don’t forget the hashtag #beautyinthebroken and tag us if you think about it. Let’s flood social media with the life-changing power of God!


toni (and mikel) lagaras

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