There’s more to your story…

So lately, I’ve been getting farther and farther behind in my daily Bible reading because I’ve been stuck in Genesis 15. Consumed with it. Where God spoke to Abram about his life. His descendants. His story.

And it’s helped me so much. I even got to minister along those lines at a women’s brunch yesterday, and I really thought that might “get it out of my system” so to speak. Usually it does.

But I woke up again today with those same words racing across my heart, “Look at the stars.” So I read it. Again.

Then I got this picture in my mind of God taking Abram by the hand and leading him outside and showing him the sky and telling him to dream bigger.

“Look at those stars. Can you count them? You’re thinking of just an heir. I’m thinking of a nation. Can you see what’s not there?

In fact, see that star right up there? That looks like Isaac. And over there? That’s Jacob. And can you see Reuben and Levi and Joseph and Simeon and Judah? (Jesus will be called the Lion of that tribe. Yep. I’m going to rename Jacob Israel and his 12 sons will become tribes.) See them all up there?

They’ll go to Egypt and become slaves, but I’ll send a rescuer after 400 years and bring them out. That’s when I’ll give them this land.

There’s so much more to your story than you can see. Take a deep breath and lean into Me. I’ve got this. Dream bigger.”

What really stuck out to me today was this – God knew Abram’s story. The whole story. God was speaking in the past tense about Abram’s future. Too. Cool.

But Abram was stuck in the don’ts. “I still don’t have an heir. I’m not getting any younger and neither is Sarah. If You were going to do anything, You would have probably done it by now. When God when? Is this ever going to happen?”

Anytime we focus on the don’ts, we’ll get down. Then doubt has an open door and it follows discouragement right in.

We need to close that door.

God saw him going down that road and stepped in. He spent time with him. He took him outside, showed him the stars, and breathed hope back into his heart.

”Don’t be afraid. Trust Me. I’ve got this. I’m all the reward you need. Don’t worry about all that. Stop looking at the don’ts and hold on to Me. I know your whole story, and you’re gonna love it.”

When we chase Him instead of chasing the dream…when we’re more enthralled with the One who spoke the promise than the blessing itself…it’s so much easier to trust. And rest. And be content.

Let’s do that. Let’s not stop at just focusing on the Word. On the promise. Let’s follow it back to the mouth that spoke it and let Him breathe life on it as we spend time with Him.

Let’s be more enthralled with Him than anything else. When He captivates our attention, nothing else matters. Nothing. Not even the don’ts. Not even the waiting. He’s more satisfying than any dream fulfilled or promise given.

And instead of letting the don’ts discourage us, let’s look at them from a different vantage point. His vantage point. We think too small. It’s time to look up and dream bigger.

Instead of discouragement, let’s look at it with anticipation, “Hmmm…I wonder how God is going to move today. I wonder what my miracle will look like. It’s going to be better than anything I can imagine. He knows my story, and I trust Him with my life. Lord, help me see what’s not there.”

If Abram wouldn’t have believed God, if he hadn’t stayed steadfast to the Lord, if he had quit instead of trusting, he would never have received the promise. Faith would not have been made sight.

So let’s be like Abram and see all the stars. We get so stuck in what we can imagine. We would never have thought to part the Red Sea or turn water into wine or bring water from a rock or manna after the dew. We need to dream bigger.

There’s so much more to our stories than we can even imagine. Every word He’s spoken will come to pass. It’s just a matter of time. And trust.

Let’s hear what He is whispering to our hearts today:

Look at the stars. What do you see?

Can you imagine? Can you believe?

There’s more to your story, much more than you’ve dreamed.

Hold on to hope now. Hold on to Me.

And look at the stars.

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