You are what you eat

We had our monthly potluck at Sisterhood (our ladies’ group) last week, and a friend brought in some amazing looking donuts. Ah-Maze-Ing! Scrumptious. Delicious. Tantalizing.

The women at my table began to talk about them, of course. They were well worth talking about.

“Oh I shouldn’t!”

“I’ll just have that salad over there.”

“Why did she bring those?”

And one woman said something so profound, “Well, if you’re going to wear it, it might as well taste good!”

I laughed so hard. And I ate the donuts. And they were well worth it.

This is my journal entry from 4/4:

I woke up with this thought rolling around my heart this morning –

What are you hungry for?


You want to see miracles. You’re hungry for them. So what are you eating?

You need miracles. You want to see miracles in other people’s lives. But you aren’t eating right. You’re starving yourself, your faith, your hunger, in the area of miracles.

Feed on the miracles in the Word. Feed on my power in manifestation. Continuously. Feed on My faithfulness. Then you’ll see them.

Don’t let go! Press in! Breakthrough is coming!

You are what you eat!


It’s true. You are what you eat. You can’t eat donuts and cookies all day and expect to have any energy or expect to look like Jillian Michaels. No! If you want energy and vitality and health and strength in your body, you need to eat foods that feed it the right things. That feed it the proper nutrients and vitamins. If you want to look like Jillian Michaels, you have to eat foods that don’t pack on the fat and avoid foods that do, like donuts. 🙁

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. ‘” (Matthew 4:4)

Just like the right food gives your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong, the Word of God feeds and strengthens your faith.

So faith comes by hearing [what is told], and what is heard comes by the preaching [of the message that came from the lips] of Christ (the Messiah Himself). (Romans 10:17)

Oh, I was reading the Word all right. I read it every day. I study it. I preach it. I write about it. But I wasn’t feeding my faith on miracles, and to be honest, it wasn’t that strong.

When I have a cold, I take extra vitamin C. When I’m congested, I take oregano oil. I use my diffuser at night with some essential oils. I up my vitamin intake and eat chicken noodle soup. I give my body what it’s lacking so it can get strong and healthy again.

Faith comes by hearing the Word. And it’s faith that gives action to the power of God.

I’ve been feeding my faith on miracles. Reading about them. Thinking about them. Talking about them.

It’s good to check up on what you’re eating. If you need healing, soak in the Word on healing. That’s what the woman with the issue of blood did in Mark 5. She heard the reports of Jesus healing the sick, and she kept saying, “If I can just touch his coat, I’ll be healed.” She saturated herself with it. Her faith rose. She acted on it.Her faith pulled the power of God right out of Jesus, and she was healed!

And guess what!?! God is still in the miracle working business today. He is still just as amazingly powerful as He was then.

If you need provision, saturate yourself with those scriptures. If you’re weak, fill your heart and mind with the Word about the resurrection power of God in you. If you’re depressed, put on praise music. It changes the atmosphere. He gives us the garment of praise in place of that nasty spirit of heaviness and oppression and depression.

So I challenge you: Feed on the miracles for just one week and see how different things look to you. When you start to worry about the problem, take a hold of those thoughts and start thinking about a miracle or two instead. I can guarantee you’ll start seeing your problem differently. You’ll start seeing your God differently.

I’m super excited about miracles. Can you tell? So don’t be surprised if the next several post are about different miracles. (I may have to post videos. I’m almost too excited to write – I may need to preach it a little.) 🙂

So……What are you hungry for?

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