Why do I even try?

Say, you’re bumping along feeling great about yourself. “I feel pretty. My blog has had more hits lately than ever before. I have a couple meetings on the calendar. I’m doing pretty well at work. Things are great. Life is good!”

And then…..you glance at the one next to you, or the blog one of your friends shares on their Facebook page, and all of a sudden, the good feeling is gone. Vanished into thin air. Like it was never there. And insecurity rushes in. Again.

Their blog is so cool. They are WAY younger than me and look at all they’re doing. The writing’s on the wall. Why do I even try? Why bother?


And then you’re not feeling so great about yourself anymore. Can anyone relate?



Compare means to measure one thing against another. Which, when you’re buying a TV or a car is a good thing. Am I getting a good deal? Which one has the best features? Which one will last the longest?

Comparison in and of itself is not a bad thing. It has its place in society.

However, it does NOT belong in measuring your value. Measuring your worth. Measuring your calling. Measuring your impact.

Peter compared himself to John. Jesus had just filled him in on his calling. What He wanted him to do with his life. Grand revelation. And he looked to his left, and there was John. “Hmmm….What about him? Will mine be better than his?”

Geesh. That’s the root of it, isn’t it? We look to the left and the right and think “better than” or “not as good as.”

But Jesus put Peter right in his place. “What does it matter to you? You follow Me!”

Here’s the thing. The only One worthy to set your value is the One who made you. The One who formed you. The One who planned an amazing life for you before you were even born.

He set your value at priceless. And He doesn’t set your value based on what you do compared to someone else. Your priceless worth is based on the fact that you are His.Period.

So what if her clothes are cooler than mine or she is smaller than I. So what if my blog isn’t as schnazzy as someone else’s. Or they’re doing different things than I am at a different age.

God’s not looking at them and then looking at me and saying, “Ugh! When are you going to pick it up. Don’t you see what they’re doing?!? They’re more valuable to Me.”

No. Way.

What matters is at the end of every day I’ve done what I was called to do (what I was called to do). Not someone else. Me.

Enough is enough.

Don’t let insecurity and comparison dominate your life. You have full control over what you think. And insecurities are nothing but lies. Anything that does not inspire faith is based in a lie. So just let that go and replace it with what the Word says about you.

Don’t look at someone else and think, “Why bother?” Look at Him and say, “Is this what you have for me?” And do it with all your heart.

You’re making more of an impact than you know. So stay faithful. Keep at it. He has a plan for you. And it’s good.

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