Just keeping it real…

If you’ve known me any length of time, you know that I love football. Love it. Not because I was raised in a family of boys because I wasn’t. My dad wasn’t a fanatic.

Although…we did grow up watching my beloved Browns every Sunday at my grandparents house. (No haters please. Lord, just one before I die 🙂 )

Needless to say, last night was an amazing night at my house. Our Buckeyes won the National Championship. It’s like the Super Bowl of College football. Against all odds and as the underdogs, we won.


In fact, the cover of a sports magazine last week was all about why the Oregon Ducks would win. Odds against us were 40-1. But none of that mattered on game day.


You can imagine our elation. My 20+ Facebook statuses about it. I tried to like every status about OSU winning, but my finger got sore there were so many.

Even today, thinking about it is bringing a smile to my face.

But at the end of the day…it’s just football. (Gasp!)

I said it. It’s. Just. Football.

I’m just keeping it real!

Life Marches On

During the game, I got a text from a friend that her stepdad moved to heaven. Another friend had lost her aunt on Sunday.

Babies were being born all over the world, and people were dying at the same time.

If we’re dancing on the mountain, we need to stay aware of those who need comfort and hope and help. And if we’re barely making it through the valley, we need to take hope that it’s just a season. Breakthrough is on its way. This season will end.

Whether you’re facing your biggest challenge or your greatest victory today, He’s still here. He’s not leaving. Hold on to Him.

It Doesn’t Matter What People Label You

OSU was labeled the underdog. We were expected to lose, and people (lots of people) were vocal about it.

But that didn’t matter one bit to my sweet Buckeyes. They didn’t listen. They knew who they were. They knew what they were capable of. And they pressed on.

Even in the game, when they turned the ball over 4 times (Four. Times.), they kept on going. Kept on being who they knew they were.

They didn’t let what people said fluster them. Get them down. Make them quit. Make the doubt themselves. They dug down deep and pressed on.

Many times we let what people think of us or say about us define us. We let it affect what we do. We let it hold us back from pressing forward and being who we are.

We need to turn a deaf ear. Shake it off. Just like Ohio State did last night. And press on into our destiny. Against all odds and as underdogs, we will win if we stand strong.

Just like Abraham and Sarah had a baby. Just like Daniel walked out of the lion’s den and the three Hebrew children didn’t burn up or even smell like smoke.

God doesn’t make mistakes. If He told you to do it, He knows that you can. Grab His hand and press on.

To God Be The Glory

At the end of the game, we saw screenshots of people pointing to heaven. We heard clips of people giving God the glory.

And it wasn’t just the Ohio State players. It wasn’t just the ones who were excited about tasting sweet victory that were praising God. It included the Oregon players as well.

It’s super easy to praise God during the good times. When it’s sunny and we’re in a good mood. When we’re on the mountain top. But that’s not the only time He’s worthy.

He’s worthy in the bitterness of defeat. He’s still worthy if we fall. If we miss it. If something happens we weren’t expecting that rocks our world. Like a doctor’s report. Like losing everything in a market crash. Or losing job. Or losing a loved one after we prayed.

He’s still worthy when we don’t understand. And if we’ll hold on to Him, especially when we don’t understand, He’ll walk us through and work it all together for good.

I was so excited that my Buckeyes became National Champions last night. But at the end of the day, it really is just football. Life keeps going on. Win or lose. It doesn’t matter what I face, I know I’m not walking through it alone.

So take a deep breath and keep it real. He’s with you.

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