Break the silence…

Details are a part of life. My work is very detailed oriented. So is my life. And between my clients and church and the kids, I keep a lot of lists going. Especially now when you throw in the holiday season, I have a lot of lists. A. LOT. OF. LISTS. Besides the every-day work and kid tasks, there’s decorating and shopping and wrapping and Christmas cards and baking and planning and cooking. There are parties and programs and Christmas concerts and Christmas services at church. And this year let’s just throw in this cold/chest thing going on in my body for a month I just can’t seem to shake, and the fact that I have only purchased one Christmas gift so far and haven’t even started my baking, and you have a recipe for panic.

Have you ever been lonely?

The apostle Paul is one of my favorite people in the Bible. Once I see Jesus and Joseph and Elijah in heaven, I really want to hang out with Paul. The revelation he brought forth in his letters has been my lifeline. His life has been such an inspiration to me. I can’t read II Timothy without getting emotional. They are his last words to his son in the faith before he is going to be martyred. And there are some powerful revelations in that book. This verse always gets to me: