Remind yourself to remember…

Back in the day, I didn’t forget anything. I remembered dates and numbers. I didn’t need a calendar or lists to remember things. Of course, that was B.K. Before Kids and busy schedules. These days, I forget things. I forget to thaw meat for dinner. I forget to take the library books back. I forget to pick my kids up from school. Just ask them. They’ll tell you. I’ve forgotten more than once. I work at home and will get into a project and wham! It’s 10 minutes past time. Or twenty. And I get the call…”Mom, are you coming to get us?” Whoops! I forgot. It really is easy to do. Can I get a witness? (Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s ever forgotten her kids.) I need to remind myself to remember…

First things first…I mean seventh?

Today didn’t start like most days for me. Most days, I’m up early and get to enjoy my Bible with my tea and journal and Him in the quiet while everyone’s still sleeping. You know…I get myself filled up for the day. Get my mind lined up with what He is saying. Get my focus in the right place…on Him. But not today. And I noticed something….

Who needs a change of scenery?

Well….it’s definitely winter here in the Northeast already. It’s a tad bit early. There are leaves on my trees and snow on the ground, and oh yea. We set a new record low temp today. Usually, it’s January or February before I start dreaming about going to Hawaii. What’s not to love about getting on a plane in -10 degree temps and getting off a plane to a balmy 80 degrees in paradise? I’ve done it before, and believe you me, there’s nothing quite like it. Being able to thaw out in that change of scenery will energize me and give me just the boost I need to make it through the next couple months (or in this case the next 6 months) of cold. But this year, I’m dreaming about it early. I could really use that change of scenery now, and it’s only been cold and snowy for a week. I could really use a change of scenery from the cold and snow and stress and chaos and busy-ness of life. Who’s with me?

Do you know what today is?

I’m sitting in my new comfy chair under blankets with my tea watching the first real snowfall of the year with my dog curled up next to me….and remembering. Today is a special day. For me anyway. Most people won’t think today is any different than yesterday or tomorrow. And if my husband were sitting here with me right now, and I asked him, “Do you know what today is?”, he would likely say, “Ummm…Monday???” Today is not a memorable day for most people. But it is for me. No…it’s not an anniversary or birthday or kids’ birthday or dog’s birthday. Nothing like that. But today is still very special to me. Today is…….