Do you know what I love about myself?

“Do you know what I love most about myself?” If someone said those words to you, you might be tempted to think they’re a little arrogant. But I’m starting to see it a little differently…

We had an impromptu visit from my mother-in-law this week, which is always a fun time! She was just getting back from spending a weekend with all her sisters in Oregon, and she was showing us her souvenirs, one of which was a mug that said, “Do you know what I love most about myself?” and had a list of words, like beautiful, faithful, funny, etc.

i lvoe me

Now, there is a funny story behind the mug that’s too long to get into here. But I immediately fell in love with that mug.

Why, you ask?

Well…because we should love things about ourselves, and way too many people can’t think of one single thing they like about themselves…let alone love.

And for years I fought this little ‘ole thing called insecurities. And the only thing I liked about me was – well – nothing really. I looked at myself and only saw negatives.

I lived with the belief I wasn’t likeable. That I wasn’t quite good enough. Or nice enough. Or pretty enough. Or _______ enough – you fill in the blank.

And there were plenty of people around me who confirmed those beliefs. I was never really confident…until I found the Lord.

And even then it was YEARS later that I was even able to start to overcome those stinky insecurities. And like myself. Now…well….I’m still a work in progress. 🙂

I let those insecurities rob me of a lot of things over the years. A lot of relationships and missed opportunities and friendships.

And I know I’m not the only one who has ever dealt with them. They plague, and even sometimes oppress, almost everyone – men and women, young and old. They instill fear and can even hold us back from going after the destiny God has prepared for us.

So…I say enough is enough. They are just lies in our heads, and the only way to combat lies is with the truth.

It’s time for us to stop thinking badly about ourselves…to stop talking badly about ourselves…and replace those lies with the truth.

Genesis says we are made in the image and likeness of God. Would we ever look at God and say, “You sure aren’t very pretty,” or, “God, I really wish you were just more likeable.”

No way! But every time we say it about ourselves, that’s basically what we’re doing. Yuck!

Would we look at God and say, “You aren’t a very good Creator. You did a nice job on the universe and all, but you really messed up with me.”

Ummmm….no. He looked at us as He formed us in the womb and said, “Will you look at what I made? Fearfully and wonderfully made. Beautiful inside and out!”

I dare you to look in the mirror several times a day and say, “You are beautiful!” Say, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Or say, “God is thinking thoughts about you right now, and they’re good….too many to even count.”

Look in the mirror and say, “You are strong enough, because the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives in you to strengthen you.”

Look in the mirror and say, “You are good enough, because God created you and said, ‘It is good.’”

Look in the mirror and say, “I don’t have to be afraid to reach for my dream. I can do it through Christ who strengthens me.”

Say, “He paid the highest price for you, and you are valuable.”

It might be uncomfortable and feel unnatural at first, but don’t let that stop you. The more you do it, the more natural it will feel, and the more you’ll believe it.

Insecurities are like weeds in our minds that need plucked out and replaced with flowers.

Some weeds that have just popped up just need a quick pluck. Easy Peasy.

If the weeds have been there a few weeks, you might need some gardening gloves and a little shovel to dig them out.

But if it’s been there for years, growing like a big maple tree, it takes a lot more work, time, sweat, and heavy equipment to dig it out from the roots. But it’s not impossible. Don’t give up.

It took me a long time to be able to look in the mirror and say, “Do you know what I love most about myself?” and actually have something to say.

But God is faithful. He does heal the brokenhearted, and His truth truly does set you free.

Let’s let go of those weeds and plant some flowers and run towards our future full of confidence.

Now, what do you love most about yourself?

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