Broken seashells…

There are some things I just love about creation. I love to watch a good sunset. I like to get up before the sun and watch the sky change colors as it rises. I love to look up into a clear dark sky at night and see the stars and think of His promise to Abraham.

And I love seashells. The big ones. The tiny ones. All of them. They fascinate me. I have hundreds of them. One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to go down when the sun is barely up (and before all the other shellers get down there) and find treasure. Seashells.

My favorite shells are the broken ones. The ones that have been dashed against the rocks and coral and yet somehow made it to shore. And lucky for me, those are the ones that most people leave behind. Those are the ones that most people cast away. They want the whole ones. The ones that are pretty on the outside.

Are you insane?

I am dropping the challenge flag today like they do in football. If a coach wants to question the decision of the referee on any given play, they have to throw a red flag on the field. And they better be pretty certain their challenge is good because if they’re wrong, they have something to lose…a time out.

I don’t really have anything to lose by throwing my flag down, but I really want to challenge this. This is something I have said myself. It’s something I’ve seen in a different light lately. It’s something that will take a fearless boldness on our part to actually do.

Two things to never forget…

I was away at a conference this week…I don’t usually get much time alone, so I’m trying to take advantage of this time as I sit looking out my hotel window at the last bit of light in the sky and trying to process everything I’ve heard and seen these past few days. There’s so much, but I’m reminded of three things. They’re things we all know, but they’re so easy to lose sight of. So I thought I’d process through my thoughts with you if that’s okay.