Hold that line!

I love football. I’m not even sure why, but I love to watch it. I especially like the close games. The games where they have to fight tooth and nail for every inch, every yard, every touchdown.

There are times when the offense will take a few yards, and then the defense comes and takes it right back. In a good game, it’s always a fight for the offense to take yards and keep them and make their way down the field to score. And the biggest cry from the crowd is, “HOLD THAT LINE.” We have a line to hold…

Will you sit still???

I’ve always had a hard time sitting still. I loved to sit on my grandpa Broadway’s lap when I was little. He was a big teddy bear of a man, and I did a great job being still….for about 30 seconds….and then the fidgeting would begin. He was patient, but inevitably he would say, “Will you sit still?!?!” And I tried. I just couldn’t. So I’d have to get down.
Even now…I have a hard time sitting still. You can watch me at church, I fidget. I cross and uncross my legs. I shift in my seat. At home, my favorite places to sit are the rocking chair and the porch swing. Constant motion. But He is whispering….Be Still.

Hurry up and get there!

What is God teaching me today? RELAX! We are such a “hurry up and get there” society, but in studying the men and women in the Bible and God’s hand on their lives, it is evident He is more of a “relax and enjoy the journey because it is going to be longer than you thought” kind of God.

It’s kind of like those video games my kids play…on the way to the goal (beating the bad guy at the end) they pick up what they need along the way (health, money, weapons). If you take the short cut, you miss out on what you need to beat the bad guy. Short cuts are not always a good idea…