Extraordinarily Ordinary

For almost the past week, I’ve been down for the count with some bug that’s made me weak and tired. Thankfully, it’s moving on now, but for days I was just stuck in bed. And when you don’t watch TV and are too tired to read for long, there isn’t much to do. Except Pinterest (and I just lost all the guys reading this. Hang in there….it’ll come back around). While I looked at every pin ever pinned, I ran across this saying, and it really stuck out to me: Enjoy the little things…for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things…..read more to see why ordinary is okay.

That’s not mine robot…

When Mookie turned 3, all he wanted for his birthday was the Rescue Hero Robot. I let his brother help me wrap it, so he knew what the package looked like. Right before Mookie opened it, Alex leaned over and told him, “That’s not just yours. That’s to share.” (Alex also wanted the Rescue Hero Robot.) Well after that, he walked around his birthday party pointing to the robot and telling everyone, “That’s not mine robot.” Over and over and over he would say, “Hey, that’s not mine robot!” Why? Because he believed what his brother said, even though we kept telling him it was, in fact, his robot. What we believe directly impacts our actions…it controls what we do and what we say.