What am I forgetting?

Have you ever forgotten something? I mean something really important? Like, you know, your kids? My oldest son ran track last year for the first time, and his practice got done right around the time my youngest got off the bus. So in all the chaos and distraction of Alli getting off the bus, I forgot Alex. A lot. To the point that I think his coach put my number on speed dial so it didn’t take as much time to dial me and tell me to come get him so the coach could go home. And that’s not the only time I forgot to pick them up. In fact, it got to the point that I had to enter alarms into my phone to remind me when to leave when school or track or football was over. (Bad mom award, I know.)

Where are you sitting?

Have you ever seen the movie White Christmas with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye? I love that movie. I love the part when they go to see the Haynes Sisters perform in Florida, and they start talking about their eye color. One is focused in on blue eyes and the other is focused in on brown eyes. They were both sitting at the same table, but where they were seated at the table determined which Haynes Sister they could see best.

Where you’re sitting determines what you see. So…where are you sitting?

Praying in the Last Days

We are living in some interesting times, aren’t we? Prophecy is being fulfilled all around us, and God has a plan for this strategic time in history. He doesn’t need a perfect situation in which to move. What He does need is a church that’s praying and releasing His power.

For those of you who asked…….I was honored to be able to share this message a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to share it with you. There is a call on the church to pray for His plan to come to pass and His power to be released, and He has put some things in my heart to pray in these days. Will you join me?

What do you see?

We used to play this game at my grandmother’s house growing up where you would look all around and focus in on something, and then you would say, “Ridda Marie, Ridda Marie, I see something you don’t see, and it’s……white.” Or whatever color it was. Then everyone else would look around and try to guess what it was. And whoever won got to be “it.” Our words would describe what we were seeing. Is it a cloud? Is it a flower? Of course, if no one guessed, you got to be it again, so you always tried to pick some teeny-tiny small fleck of something only you could see. David shows us something about this in Psalm 57…