Where does busy come from?

Busy comes in all shapes and sizes and for various reasons. It can be because of a busy season, like Christmas! Or maybe it’s because we’re planning a special event. Busy can be because we have more kids than hands and they keep us busy from sun up to sun down. People tell me all the time that I’m really going to miss this season of life…going from work to football game to soccer game to music lesson to cooking dinner to……(I believe them….kinda….) One reason for busy that’s not so healthy is when we’re busy because we have to be. I don’t mean have to because someone is making us. I mean have to because if we aren’t busy doing something, we feel we have no value. We find our identity and self-worth in what we do. This isn’t good, but I think at one time or another, we’ve all found ourselves here. I know I have. What can we do about that?

Are you feeding tired?

I lived in Broken Arrow, OK, during my Bible school years. From my parent’s driveway to my apartment parking lot it was exactly 1,000 miles. And like any normal 20-year-old Bible school student, I pulled an all-nighter one night to drive home for Thanksgiving. I was doing great until about 2:00 in the morning. And like any normal 20-year-old Bible school student, I didn’t have money for a hotel room. So, I had to press on. First I tried caffeine….but that only made me have to use the bathroom. So….I had a brilliant idea. I thought I’d feed tired. I found that if I munched on various things (chips, carrots, nuts, chocolate) that it really helped stay awake. The sugar gave me a rush and the protein kept me going. I stayed awake all night and drove straight through, but I paid for it for a few days. The Bible has a lot to say about rest….