Whoa! What’s happening here?

I had grand plans last week. I was going to take a few days off from posting on my blog to spend some more time in the Word and in prayer…diving deep into His presence. (Read about diving deep here.) But what REALLY happened was – I woke up Monday morning sick. And I was sick for days and days. I mean sick…no strength, go to the doctor, on mega medicine sick. That is not how I pictured my week going at all. So what do we do when things go terribly wrong?

What are you drinking?

I went to Zimbabwe, Africa on a 6-week mission trip after I graduated from Bible School. We went to a remote village and did a crusade, and when I got the the pastor’s home that I’d be staying in, they got me some refreshments. They put this water in front of me, and the glass was clear, but you couldn’t see through the water. In fact, I was sure I saw something swimming in it just looking at me. Yikes! What are you drinking…?

Come to Me, and…

Hey everyone! It’s good to be back. I was looking forward to taking a few days off blog writing to dive a little deeper into the Word and into prayer. Bummer I got sick on Monday…but having to be still had its advantages. My time off writing did not look like I had planned it to look, but I’ll tell you all about that in my next post. 🙂 I hope you all got to dive a little deeper yourselves. The word for the week for me was definitely Come to Me! Everywhere I turned, that scripture was in front of me. It’s what I ended my last post on…it popped up in conversations I had. I was able to catch a dear friend ministering via Livestream this week, and what was she teaching on? Come to Me, and…

Dive Deep!

I really love to be by the water, a fountain, a creek, a river…oceans are my absolute favorite. I could sit at the ocean all day every day just listening to those waves crashing on the shore and never get bored. There is something so peaceful and so refreshing about listening to water. There is something refreshing about drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day or diving into the ocean when it’s scorching outside. It cools you off. It fills you up. It re-energizes you…..

totes mcgoats amazing!

I love to be outside. Maybe it’s because our house is so small and the outside is so big, but I just love to be out there. I’d rather go for a walk than exercise in the house. I love sitting out by a campfire and looking up into a clear, starry sky. I imagine what it was like when God told Abraham to try to count the stars. I dream about the wise men following the star to Jesus. I like to imagine what it was like when God spoke into the vastness of nothingness and stars formed. And I like to think that God is totes mcgoats amazing!